Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin Bikini Pics - Adventures in Memeland

What I choose to do in my free time is no concern of yours. If I want to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon Photoshopping Sarah Palin's mug on a bunch of bikini-clad rednecks, then so be it. Feel free to pass this on. That way these past 15 min of my life weren't spent in vain.


THANKS! Looks like you guys did your job in disseminating this lovely image. A shitload of blogs and online newspapers have actually posted the pic! Nevermind that they identified it as Photoshop bait. Or that the majority of them are right-wing publications. At least I've sufficiently wasted their time.
Hell, I even have my own urban legend entry in AND Snopes! Yeehaw!

To add fuel to the fire, Time magazine wrote an article about how "Sarah Palin bikinki" was one of the top searches online this past week. If you go into Google image search right now, my pic is NUMBER ONE.

The original photographer and girl actually found the pic and reposted it on their Flickr account. They don't seem to be mad at me. In fact, Elizabeth, the girl donning the bikini, is fwding the image to everyone she knows.

This guy even uses my photo as a prime example of photo manipulation in politics for his article:

Here are the rest of the blogs below that included my photo: